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Public Notices:

COVID-19 Information Links

  • State of Wyoming COVID-19 Information: Includes resources to Governor's Orders and Directives, County Orders, COVID-19 Metrics and FAQs and How to Help.
  • Wyoming Department of Health: Infectious Disease Epidemiology Unit - Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).
  • Carbon County COVID-19 Resource Guide: Nearly everything you need to know for surviving COVID-19 in Carbon County, Wyoming.
  • Carbon County Together: A Resource for citizens in Carbon County, Wyoming to receive information about health updates, businesses, schools, emergency services, an municipalities regarding COVID-19.
  • State of Wyoming Executive Department Governor Directive: Statewide Directive for Individuals Arriving in Wyoming from another State or Country to Self-Quarantine.
  • Carbon County Economic Development Corporation "Moving Forward Together Micro Grant Program". The purpose of the program is to give financial relief to local, small businesses adversely affected by Governor Gordon’s executive orders in response to the pandemic. The process will be concise and efficient, so that business can continue to grow and thrive in Carbon County.


The Town of Encampment is now accepting the following applications for the position of


This is a full-time benefitted position.

Applicants must have a valid Wyoming driver’s license and be able to pass a drug test. Applicant must possess a high school diploma or equivalency, basic computer skills and be able to pass Level 1 Water Treatment, Lagoon System and Level 1 Distribution licenses within six months. Further licensing requirements will also apply.

Position includes water and sewer system operations, general maintenance including, but not limited to maintenance of equipment, streets, parks, cemetery and other related town activities. Heavy equipment operation is also involved. Applicant must reside in the Encampment/Riverside area.

Wage will be based on experience.

Application and job description are available at the Encampment Town Hall Located at 614 McCaffrey Avenue. 307-327-5501

Position will remain open until filled.

The Town of Encampment is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


The Town of Encampment will begin treatment for the abatement of mosquitoes the week of July 14, 2021.

The Town of Encampment will be using the ground fogger during the early morning hours beginning at approximately 6:00 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout mosquito season, when optimum conditions permit.

Please do your part in helping to reduce the breeding areas for mosquitoes. Keep tall grass and weeds rmowed and remove any yard debris that will collect water.

Thatnk you for your help in the Mosquito Abatement effort.

If you have any questions about the Town of Encampment Mosquito Abatement Program or if you would like information on the chemicals used, please contact the Encampment Town Hall at 327-5501 or a member of the Public Works Department.

See also the Protect Your Home from Mosquitos flyer.

15th Annual Music In The Park

Request for Bid Proposals

The Town of Encampment is seeking bid proposals for the repair or replacement of the roof on the Encampment fire hall located at 619 Rankin Avenue in Encampment. It is known to lean in all four corners of the building and around venting. It appears that the existing metal has not been installed properly and that screws are missing.

The Town of Encampment is willing to consider any and all proposals, reserving the right to reject the same.

Deadline for bids will be Monday, August 9th at 5:00 PM.

For more information or to submit a bid contact:
Encampment Town Hall
614 McCaffrey Avenue
PO Box 5
Encampment, WY 82325

Public Notice

Town of Encampment
Base Annual Salaries and Overtime Pay through Fiscal Year
Ending June 30, 2021

In accordance with Wyoming State Statute 15-1-110 (b) (i), the Town of Encampment hereby publishes the following complete listing of all full-time employees and elected officials, including base annual salary and amount of overtime paid by the Town of Encampment. All salaries listed are base annual salaries and overtime paid through the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021 and do not include any fringe benefits such as health insurance costs, life insurance benefits and pension plans. This list does not include seasonal or part-time workers in accordance with State Statute.

Name Title Base Annual Salary
FYE 6/30/2021
Overtime Paid
Salisbury, Greg Mayor $550.00 N/A
Banach, Stas* Council $210.00 N/A
Craig, Bill Council $280.00 N/A
Fagan-Craig, Shannon Council $445.00 N/A
Stull, Gary Council $280.00 N/A
Shue, Kevin Chief of Police $54,429.92 $0.00
Harvey, Doreen Clerk / Treasurer $46,330.00 $132.00
Jones, Brandon Maintenance / Operator $37,934.00 $0.00
Acord, William Maintenance / Operator $16,596.00 $0.00
Cruichshank, Mathew Maintenance / Operator $2,992.00 $0.00
Fletcher, Stephen Maintenance / Operator $6,912.00 $0.00
Tieszen, Benjamin Maintenance / Operator $48,692.00 $0.00
Novak, Deryl Municipal Court Judge $225.00 $0.00


The mayor and council are paid quarterly. The mayor is paid $50.00 per meeting and councilpersons are paid $35.00 per meeting for regular meetings and special meetings. The municipal court judge is paid $75.00 per case.

*Indicates employees who have only worked part of the fiscal year.

Doreen Harvey, CMC
Clerk / Treasurer
Published July 6, 2021

Town of Encampment Drinking Water Annual Report (Corrected June 2020) and Source Water Protection Plan are available on the Public Works page.

Town of Encampment Fiscal Year 2020-21 Budget-Actual Comparison

Upcoming events with tentative dates
Event Date

15th Annual Encampment / Riverside Pet Vaccination and Wellness Clinic at Encampment Town Hall foyer January 2022

Wyoming Health Fair (WHF) Wellness Screening at Grand Encampment Opera House April 2022

*dates and times are subject to change.