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Government Committees

Committee Name Expiration of Term
Carbon County Council of Governments Greg Salisbury, Mayor Dec. 31, 2022

Regular meetings: 3rd Wed. at varying intervals at various county locations

Carbon County Visitors Council John Farr Jun. 30, 2019

2009 Specific Purpose Tax Joint Powers Board Irene Archibald Jun. 30, 2019

Saratoga-Platte Valley Chamber of Commerce Alyson Sneddon  

Regular Meetings: 1st Wed. at noon or 4 PM at Schnal Law offices

South Central Wyoming Emergency Medical Services (SCWEMS) Karran Bedwell Jun. 30, 2021

Regular Meetings: 2nd Wed. at 6:30 PM at Saratoga or Elk Mt. Station

CCC Juvenile Services Board Grayling Wachsmuth, Chief  

CC Economic Development Corp. John Farr  

Emergency Management Coordinator VACANT  

Upper Platte River Solid Waste Disposal District (UPRSWDD) Schelbie Merrill Jun. 30, 2020