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Planning Commission

Name Expiration of Term
Steve Reichert, Chairman June 30, 2023
Stas Banach June 30, 2022
Ros Herring June 30, 2022
Dawna Martin June 30, 2023
Rachael Priegel June 30, 2023



The Planning Commission meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7 PM at the Encampment Town Hall.


Per ordinance 17.52.010 building permits are required for:

A. The erection, alteration, enlargement, or moving, in whole or in part, of any building or struction including fences, signs, and any concrete or paving improvements.

B. For the change in use of any building, structure, premises or lot.

Deadline for applications is 5 PM on the Monday preceding the meeting. Applications submitted via e-mail must be followed up with the submission of the original documentation signed by the property owner.

Building Permit

Fence Permit

Sign Permit


Zoning Map